Inclusive Services

What does it mean to be inclusive?

Inclusive library services reflect our commitment to equity and accessibility for all members of our community. We believe in creating welcoming environments where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to explore, learn, and connect. 

Read more about how the Division of Libraries and Technology (DPI) interprets inclusivity.

How do we accomplish this?

  • Safe and Welcoming Spaces:
    • Ensure accessible transportation and physical entry.
    • Clearly marked signage and considerate hours of service.
    • Warm greetings by library staff.
  • Library Policies Interaction:
    • Seamless processes for obtaining a library card.
    • User-friendly computer use and payment procedures.
    • Fair and transparent fine policies.
  • Library Materials Access:
    • Easy navigation of aisles for all patrons.
    • Accessibility to Wi-Fi services.
    • Upholding individual privacy.
    • Diverse and inclusive collection for all community members.

Contact Information

Elizabeth Timmins, Muehl Public Library
Inclusive Services Liaison
Consulting & Outreach Librarian

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Helpful Resources

  • Job Accommodation Network (
    • Useful for Library Staff: An essential resource providing guidance on workplace accommodations, supporting library staff in creating inclusive environments by addressing diverse needs and abilities.
  • Plain Language Website (
    • Useful for Library Staff: A valuable resource for enhancing communication skills, providing tools and guidelines to create clear and easily understandable content for diverse library audiences.
  • Wisconsin Inclusivity Initiative (
    • Useful for Library Staff: Offers insights and resources to foster inclusive library environments, ensuring staff can actively contribute to creating welcoming spaces for all community members.
  • Wisconsin Library Innovation and Design Accelerator (
    • Useful for Library Staff: A platform encouraging innovation and creativity, aiding library staff in exploring and implementing cutting-edge ideas to enhance services and engagement.
  • ALA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (
    • Useful for Library Staff: A central hub for advocacy and support, providing tools and information for promoting diversity and inclusivity in library services.
  • Inclusive Services Assessment and Guide for Wisconsin Public Libraries (
    • Useful for Library Staff: A comprehensive guide for self-assessment, aiding staff in evaluating and enhancing inclusive services in Wisconsin public libraries.
  • Inclusive Services Statement for Wisconsin Public Libraries (
    • Useful for Library Staff: A foundational document outlining the commitment to inclusivity, offering a framework for staff to align their practices with inclusive service values.
  • Trans-inclusive Librarianship PowerPoint from HootCon: (PowerPoint Link):
    • Useful for Library Staff: A resourceful presentation guiding staff in creating trans-inclusive library spaces and services.
  • Access Technology Mapping (
    • Useful for Library Staff: A tool for exploring and implementing accessible technology solutions, aiding staff in ensuring technological inclusivity in library services.
  • Library Resiliency Toolkit (
    • Useful for Library Staff: An invaluable resource offering strategies and tools for building library resilience, enabling staff to navigate challenges and ensure sustainable library services.
  • Wisconsin Libraries Talk About Race (
    • Useful for Library Staff: This site is for any Wisconsin public library staff member interested in devoting more time to learning about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and how to bring that learning to their libraries and communities.