OWLS Delivery - Best Practices

Ordering and Handling Bins

  • We have a limited number of bins.
  • Delivery bins are the property of OWLS and should not be used for library
    storage or other purposes.
  • Use the form on the OWLS web site to order delivery bins and bags from Waltco.
    • If your order is not filled in a timely manner, you may submit the form again. Please indicate in the
      comments field that this is a duplicate order.
    • Notify OWLS of delays in receiving bins.
  • If you have more empty bins than you need, please return them to Waltco.
  • If you run across cracked or otherwise damaged bins, please note the damage and return them to the OWLS
    office for recycling and replacement.
  • When stacking bins, stack soft Rubbermaid bins on top of hard-sided grey Buckhorn bins. Rubbermaid bins can
    buckle under weight, causing damage to materials and causing a safety hazard if stacks of bins collapse.
  • A bin should always travel with a lid. Do not separate bins and lids.

Packing Materials for Delivery

  • Send all items out every day to minimize the time spent in transit unless there is a particular reason you cannot.
    (Ex. You have run out of bins.)
  • There is no minimum number of items that need to be in a bin before you send it. However, lightly filled bins
    may cause more damage to items during transit. If you have only a few items that are going to different
    locations, make up a Waltco sort bin instead of sending out several lightly filled bins. Use your discretion
    regarding the possibility of damage and the number of bins on hand.
  • Avoid placing fragile items such as media on the very bottom or very top of a bin.
  • Be sure to stack items inside the bins as flatly as possible. Any awkward layering can lead to bent and damaged
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) items traveling outside of OWLSnet should be banded to keep paperwork securely
    attached. The Wiscat paperwork should clearly display the designated library system and library, or a pink ILL
    transit slip should be affixed to indicate library system (first line) and library (second line).
  • Check the tub tag pocket on the bin as you insert the tag, to be sure the tag is secure. OWLSnet Help can provide
    you with additional tub tags and replacement tub tag pockets upon request.
    Periodically return reusable delivery supplies to the OWLS office (ex. Excess tub tags, rubber bands, interoffice
    envelopes, etc.)
  • Make sure the Buckhorn bins are affixed properly at the back before zip-tying them at the front (above the tub
    • Attach the zip tie so that the long end lies flat against the bin, pointing down.
  • Big Books should be put in the large, plastic carrier bags and labeled with a tub tag. OWLSnet Help can provide
    the Big Book bags upon request.
  • Consult with OWLS before items through delivery that do not fit in a bin (Ex. kits, Library of Things items, etc.).
    • Avoid sending sharp objects (cutting implements, knitting needles, etc.) through delivery unless they can
      be securely packaged to prevent injury to staff unpacking bins.

Using Delivery Bags

  • Minimize use of delivery bags. Waltco finds that bags are difficult to stack and slide around in the trucks during
  • Bags are NOT recommended when sending fragile items. (Ex. Media)
  • Bags are not waterproof and therefore should not be used during or when inclement weather is predicted.
  • Use a bag when there are only a few items to be sent to one location—especially if that library follows you on a
    delivery route or when you are running low on bins.
  • If you have only a few items going to several different locations, use a Waltco sort bin.

Delays, Closures, and Other Problems

  • ALL library closures, such as closures due to inclement weather, should be communicated to OWLS promptly.
    o OWLS will inform Waltco of closures.
  • If your Waltco delivery is more than two hours late, please inform OWLS.
  • To contact OWLS for these and any other problems or questions about delivery:
    • Preferred method: Send an email to OWLSnet Help: help@owlsweb.org.
    • Alternate: Call the OWLS main line: 920-832-6190.

OWLS Delivery Team

  • Delivery coordinator: Melissa Knight
  • Sorting and supplies: Danielle Kramer
  • Scheduled library closures: Molly Komp
  • OWLS Director: Bradley Shipps